Sneak a Peak into Dental Insurance

Here at Ponchatoula Family Dentistry, one of the services that we provide is verifying your insurance as a courtesy.  We also will file your dental insurance from start to finish. This means no paper work for you, just show up and we do the rest.
Insurance can be a complicated and difficult to understand at times, we are here to help simplify the process and help you with any questions that you may have concerning your insurance.  Please keep in mind that everyone’s insurance plan is unique.
For starters, your dental insurance has three main components. These components are your deductible, your yearly max and the breakdown coverage.
What is a deductible?
Deductible – This is the amount that has to be paid out of pocket before you insurance will pay.  Your deductible can be yearly or an anniversary date.  A yearly deductible is when you have to meet a certain amount at the beginning of the year, every year.  An anniversary date is when you have to meet your deductible on your effective date each year.
What is a yearly max?
Yearly Max– This is the maximum amount your insurance will pay toward your dental care each yr.
What is my coverage breakdown?
One of the most common breakdowns that we see is where the insurance will cover, 100% for your preventive care, 80% for your basic care and 50% for your major care.  Your insurance plan determines what is considered basic and major.  Keep in mind as I stated above each insurance plan is unique.  
As most of you are aware, your insurance also has frequencies.  Your frequencies determine how often each service can be rendered.   I would suggest, getting to know your insurance.  It will benefit you and your teeth.  Most  insurances will cover two cleanings per year.

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